Étude double fa fa


Harpsichord single and double-manual Fa-Fa

This harpsichord drawn and designed by me is available in two versions and versatile for XVII, XVIII and contemporary repertoires. Also it can  be used as a concert instrument, thanks to its precises adjustments and sound qualities
The painted case is made of grey poplar. The naturals on the manuals are made of service tree and the sharps are made of hard maple. (The ebony and alis keyboard pictured, no longer available).Lockboard , Removable stand , music desk and maintenance accessories included. Rose, and lute optional. With or without central opening. (Rose possible in the latter case).


One manual range F/F. One or two eight-foot stops.
Length 2.22m.
Two manuals range F/F. Two eight-foot stops.
Length 2.32m.

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